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Complete Design Services

At 3D Visual Studios our Complete Design Service is the most complete, and most popular, service we offer. The Complete Design Service package includes conceptual drawings to get the process started, preliminary planning to establish the floor plans and elevations, and construction drawings to get your house ready to be built.

Each set of construction drawings (the final phase of the Complete Design Service Package) include the following:

  •  Detailed Floor Plans

  •  Detailed Elevations

  •  Multiple cross sections

  •  Foundation plans and details

  •  Subfloor framing plans and details

  •  Additional floor framing plans and details

  •  Roof framing plans and details

  •  Finish schedules

  •  Window and door schedules

  •  Electrical plans

  •  Additional construction details

  •  Log/Timber details (if applicable)

  •  Renderings

  •  3D Computer modeling

All of our clients are given our full attention, no matter the size of the project. No job is too big or too small. Whether it is an 800 sq. ft. cabin or a 12,000 sq. ft. home each project is given the same amount of attention to detail and care.

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